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The Key To A Successful Transaction Is An Effective Marketing Strategy.


Marketing real estate is a complex process that involves a variety of strategies and ability to effectively target buyers.


Many people believe newspaper advertising sells property. But as studies reveal, advertising is just one element of a comprehensive marketing plan. For example, while over 50% of all buyers are generated by the real estate professional's reputation and experience, only 10% of all buyers come from advertisements. Yard signs account for 18% of sales, relocation 7%, open houses 5% and finally the company's reputation 10%.


I understand the entire range of categories from which buyers are drawn and focus my marketing efforts accordingly.


My Marketing & Support Services Include:


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For many homeowners, the question they often ask is what makes a home sell in St Augustine or St Augustine Beach?  A one size fits all answer cannot be given as many elements and factors contribute to the success of homes sales in the greater St Augustine area.


Realtors® like Elaine Wallace of Watson Realty Corp, because of their vast and successful experience of selling St Augustine and St Augustine Beach homes, can walk you through the process for achieving this result of selling your city or beach home at a fair value price within a market and at a certain time.


What affects market values of St Augustine and St Augustine Beach homes can be summed up as follows:


While those are factors affecting property values in St Augustine Beach, another important aspect is whether or not the seller of such a property has access to a vast pool of buyers.  For years, sellers of real estate could use newspaper advertising to sell homes themselves, just as Realtors® did back then.  In today's market and technology, fast demand from potential buyers, quick response required to captivate and reach of those home buyers, your local Realtor®, in this case Elaine Wallace, is better equipped to produce a buyer ready, willing and able to bring the transaction to a close.  Because of Elaine Wallace's numerous contacts with home buyers in St Augustine and St Augustine Beach, a homeowner is best served by contacting Elaine Wallace to sell their St Augustine Beach home.  Having sold a large number of homes in St Augustine, she has made numerous contacts with potential buyers who while they have not found the home they were looking for, they also have shared with the Realtor® their needs, wants, special preferences as well as their financial situation.  This then enables Elaine Wallace to refer to the pool of potential buyers of real estate in St Augustine Beach that she has been in contact, to reference each of those potential buyers whenever a homeowner decides to sell their St Augustine home through Elaine Wallace.


Home sellers in St Augustine and St Augustine Beach can take advantage of the pool of potential buyers that Realtor® Elaine Wallace has, coupled with her deep knowledge of the local market along with her ability to market St Augustine homes through local, national and international markets only available to professionals in the real estate industry.


Need a professional, successful and dedicated real estate agent in St Augustine and St Augustine Beach?

Simply call on Elaine Wallace of Watson Realty Corp at 904/347-5439.